2018 Official Programme


Floatfest is all about getting people out on the water to try new activities and have fun doing the activities they love, especially canoeing & kayaking, while enjoying the Murray River. We encourage and facilitate the learning of skills, particularly motor skills, by offering FREE canoeing workshops, water activities, circus workshops and face painting. We also have the pull of the record attempts as a way to have some fun, raise some money for Can:Do 4Kids, and make Sturt Reserve come to life.

Our event is supported by the awesome team at Events South Australia, the Rural City of Murray Bridge, Kookaburra Homes and all of our sponsors and partners. We all agree Floatfest has the potential to be an iconic event for the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong region, we just need to get it off the ground (the hardest part). To do this we need the help of people who want to be part of something bigger and make a difference!


Highlights of Floatfest:

  • Largest raft of canoes/kayaks Official Guinness World Record was set in Sept 2014 – 3,150 (View Here)
    • Our highest record is 185 kayaks in 2016
  • Largest simultaneous launch of canoes/kayaks Guinness World Record was set in Aug 2014 – 396 (view here)
    • We had planned to attempt this in 2017 but due to weather did not proceed
  • Longest line of canoes – no record that we can find
    • our Record in 2017 was 45

Due to the large number we would have to beat and the duplication of our event in Perth by Canoe WA we decided to bring our attempts down to a local level – aiming to retain the Australian Highest record. The WA event, Unite on the Swan, claim to have beaten us with their record for largest raft of canoes being 263 in 2017.


New in 2018

Our new inflatables regatta is a first for Floatfest and we’re hoping to gather as many things that float as we can

Inflatables record we could find:

  • Longest line of water inflatables – 165.74m and 100 inflatables (view here)
Programme - Saturday
Programme - Sunday