Proud Mary - Murray Bridge - April 2017
The PS Proud Mary prepares to set off from Murray Bridge on a warm April afternoon.
Proud Mary “on-board” with Floatfest for 2018!

“Big wheel keep on turnin’

Proud Mary keep on burnin’

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river” 

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary. 

Kookaburra Homes Floatfest has been “rollin’ on the river” since 2014 and we’re proud to be part of a modern and vibrant Murraylands.

The PS Proud Mary has been cruising from Murray Bridge since 1982 and the Floatfest team know what a long connection with the river means. That’s why we’re proud to announce (for the second year in a row) we’ve got exclusive use of the Proud Mary wharf for the weekend of Floatfest 2018! While the “Weekend Discovery” cruise is off exploring up the river, the Floatfest team will be right there on the water with our friends and community of sponsors… and everyone can have front row views of all the on-water action at Floatfest 2018!

The Murray River is one of the greatest rivers on the planet.

The Murray-Darling river basin is over 3000 kilometers long. In South Australia the river lazily carves jaw-dropping cliffs. It spreads life into calm lagoons and prosperous farms and fills the beautiful lower lakes and the iconic Coorong, before spilling (most of the time) into the wild Southern Ocean. Meanwhile…we can just drift along the winding and willow lined banks of the Murraylands. The PS Proud Mary, styled on Mississippi river boats, offers two and five-night cruises exploring the Murray River and Murraylands in comfort and style. Luxurious meals and superior levels of service blended with excursions and activities make your immersion in the beauty of the river complete. On board is a lounge, bar, and dining room, all with a spectacular local menu. Eighteen spacious and fully appointed river view rooms mean the beauty of the river is always in sight. We love to explore the quiet creeks and willow lined banks of the river and we love that the cruises include so many opportunities to explore the richness of the river we love up-close.

Stay a while and experience the river community.

The five-night “Murray River Indulgence” cruise includes a luxury wine tasting trip to the Barossa (who wouldn’t!) and returns to the wharf at four o’clock on Friday afternoons. We hope that the small group of thirty six experienced river travelers stay a little longer and join us at Floatfest 2018! 

Check out their website but a word of warning…you may feel the need to book a cruise there and then!

Floatfest would like to thank Kookaburra Homes for creating beautiful opportunities for people to live in our amazing part of the world… and all our sponsors…but most of all…you! Everyone who helps out and participates is a Murray River paddling legend!

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Images and text courtesy: Creedence Clearwater Revival mostly…and

Proud Mary “on-board” with Floatfest for 2018!
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