Safety at Floatfest

Floatfest  strongly supports the Australian standards for water safety and endorses the SA legislation Harbors and navigation act 1993 and associated regulations to personal floatation device (PFD type 1) or buoyancy vests (PFD type 2 or 3).

Please have a look at the following links and supporting documents.  If you have any questions regarding safety please don't hesitate in contacting us.

PLEASE NOTE:  PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices) are mandatory for this event.  An Assumption of Risk is also required to be signed at the registration desk prior to entering the water for the event.


wear life jacket

Australian Canoeing Safety Guidelines:

Australian Canoeing and Canoe South Australia have lots of helpful information including:

Appropriate Clothing for Paddling

Paddling in South Australia

SA Canoe Guides


Australian Canoeing Paddling Technique Videos

Other Videos covering basic skills including:
  • Before you get on the water & launching
  • Backwards & Forwards Paddling
  • Sweep Strokes
  • Support Strokes
  • Rescue
  • Draw Strokes
  • Bow Draw

View them here.

Paddle Safe

The NSW Government's Maritime Management Centre have a great Paddle Safe website with lots of useful information and videos demonstrating:

  • Wear a lifejacket
  • Be safe, Be seen
  • Know the Rules
  • The right equipment
  • Plan your trip
  • Know your limits

Visit the site here.