activity n. (pl. -ies) 1 a the condition of being active or moving about. b the exertion of energy; vigorous action 2 (often in pl.) a particular occupation or pursuit (outdoor activities)

Floatfest has been around since 2014

It’s about having safe community fun and showing off our beautiful Murray River! We want you to come and have fun and feel welcome. Murray Bridge and the Murraylands are so much more than you think as you flash by over the Swanport bridge to Melbourne or the Great Ocean Road. South Australians have enjoyed river activities only an hour from Adelaide for generations and they do now more than ever.

Floatfest is all about ACTIVITY

Having on and off water activity is an important part of enjoying life by the river. Sturt Reserve is an excellent venue for Floatfest to co-host the Murray Bridge Kite Festival, Scouts SA Floatfest water activities camp, Marathon Canoe Club marathon event, Canoe SA canoe polo demonstrations, markets, fitness activities, paddling fundraisers for Can Do for Kids and so much more!

It’s different to corporate sponsored events and for-profit events

It’s one hundred percent community driven. People from the river community around Mannum support and staff the event and now the same thing is happening on a larger scale at Murray Bridge. Local artists will be on display and local businesses make the saturday morning Farmers Market vibrant and authentic. Local service clubs cook the barbecue and local residents come down  to get involved. Everyone enjoys a day or two together at their beautiful riverfront.

Corporate teams can and do participate in Floatfest

The Unforgettable houseboats team has been on the water every year at Mannum. This year, huge groups of Scouts will paddle and learn together. Teams from businesses like Rays Outdoors have been able to get together, enjoy a bit of teamwork and adventure and add to their team-building efforts. On water activities like paddling are excellent for corporate team building.  Workmates can challenge each other, learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and reach new levels of rapport. Some corporate adventure businesses charge a lot of money for this. Participating in Floatfest is a simple registration fee and the benefits to corporate teams are enormous.

A Floatfest team

The Rural City of Murray Bridge generously supports Floatfest by providing the amazing riverside Sturt Reserve (right under their iconic bridges) for the event. Local councils from the entire region have pitched in too and we’re bringing some awesome activities from them on the weekend!

Generating activity in SA’s regions doesn’t have to be a challenge. Events South Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission are keen supporters. Thanks to their support Floatfest is able to bring together local people, business, corporations, local and state government.

Can Do for Kids work to support sick children is a pillar of the SA community. We’re privileged to offer kids the opportunity to get on the river and enjoy some time under the careful supervision of Brenton Carle from Canoe the Coorong.

Local and state sporting organisations are also here

The event is held right in front of the home waters of Murray Bridge Rowing Club. They compete nationwide and their rowers are among Australia’s best. Canoe SA and the Marathon Canoe Club of SA hold events and host activities like canoe marathons, water polo and free workshops in paddling skills. It’s another excellent opportunity for the community to engage with world class athletes and both professional organizations in the field.

The Marathon Canoe Club SA under starters orders.

The organisers keep adding more

There’s two world record attempts (click here for the details), an on-water obstacle course, short course paddle dashes, self-guided paddling trails, floating duck hunts and more. It’s all about creating movement and activity. Floatfest makes being on the river and being active FUN!  This is why it’s so successful and grows in popularity every year.

Click here to register now!

Here’s a list of the activities planned for the weekend ahead, with more to come!

  • Farmers Market
  • Self-Guided Canoe Trails
  • Water obstacle courses
  • Kite making
  • Kite flying
  • Bike riding
  • Paddle steamer cruises
  • Houseboats open for inspection
  • Kids petting zoo
  • Canoe polo
  • Free paddling skills workshops
  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Music
  • Community BBQ breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner at three excellent riverfront locations
  • Camping and fishing gear expo
  • Canoe hire
  • Duck hunts
  • Traditional ceremonies, art and dreaming stories
  • Canoe Marathons
  • Canoe races (dashes)
  • Come and Try Canoeing sessions
  • Most kayaks and canoes lined up on the riverbank record attempt
  • Most kayaks and canoes and paddleboards rafting together record attempt
  • Local trade stalls
  • Build your own playground activity kit for kids
  • Kids games and giant chess
  • Free face painting
  • Fishing competitions

( See the official programme, published soon, for all the times and details)

Floatfest 2017 – A whole weekend of water activity at Murray Bridge!
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